Interesting day- I’m typing this on my iPhone- it’s been my life line.
I almost lost Matthew today, he was frustrated that no one was
interested in supporting us with supplies. It breaks your heart to see
these kids, some with urgent needs, suffering. He had told me he was
leaving tomorrow and I would be on my own, which meant I had one of
two options, leave or hot the streets without an interpreter.
Stressful thoughts both.

We decided to go out anyway and just plug away, continuing what we
were doing, gathering data. By the end of the day, we have visited
about 20 total locations, 10 need urgent help, 2-3 had aid, the rest
were evacuated or were bad addresses. There is absolutely no way a non-
Haitian would be able to find some if them. We are learning how to be
more effective and efficient with more visits. Instead of saying
“where is this specific orphanage?” we ask “where is the orphanage”
and sometimes they ask “which one?” we have found 2 unknown orphanages
this way.

Unfortunately, I’m not taking many pictures. Having a camera with me
causes some problems- I’ll explain later. For now my focus is on
collecting data- and so far it’s slowly coming together.

By the end of the day, we were able to get some good info to several
groups who are interested in helping. The Salvation Army has really
warmed up to us, and when we reported to them tonight, they said they
were going to try to help us. It was at that time Matthew said “you
have won me over”
And seemed genuinely happy how things were coming together. I don’t
want to get my hopes up, but aid should be moving soon directly to
these children our volunteers have found. This has been quite
incredible and I hope we can continue.

We have a few more leads, everyone back home has been chipping in, in
such amazing ways it’s incredible.

We have taken down the map for security reasons, but are still keeping
track of what’s going on.

I’m getting ready to go to my tent. I’m so dirty it’s incredible 🙂

Thank you for all your prayers and support!


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