Its great to be back on Maui, but my thoughts are still with my friends in Japan. I hope they are doing well, their country needs them.

I slept in this morning, and in the afternoon I threw out most of my food, some ants had gotten into a bunch of stuff too so I had to clean that up, and then I went shopping. I can feel the mental exhaustion slowly leaving, but can see it will be a few days before I am up and running again at full speed. I left many projects hanging and I need to get back on them.

Also starting to prep up for the next trip. One of my biggest mistakes this time was that it took me too long to get ready and I still wasn’t prepared. There were some things I was able to find on island, but much of the stuff I will have to order online. If there is a piece of equipment I think would be interesting for you guys to know about, I will post it here.

One piece of equipment that was an absolute home run was the Therma-Rest NeoAir mattress. I slept on this thing almost every single night after Nate arrived (nearly a month) and it’s performance was absolutely incredible. It’s an air mattress for camping, but what is special about it is how small it folds up. The space in my bag is extremely limited, so everything I put in there needs to be as compact as possible. The NeoAir rolls up into something the size of a 24-70 2.8 lens, so it is extremely small for an air mattress. Made of some type of plastic/foil/rubber hybrid material.

If you are a backpacker, camper or someone who needs an extremely compact air mattress, this is the absolute best thing I have seen on the market (it was won several design awards).

Therma Rest Neoair Mattress