If you interact with enough people, sooner or later you are just going to run into one, no matter how nice you are, how good your people skills are, no matter what your intentions, just through the numbers game, you are going to meet individuals who are so ignorant, stubborn or oblivious that nothing you say or do can change the situation. Anyone who has ever driven a car will eventually get cut off, flipped off, honked at, yelled at, while they are perfectly obeying the law, and the one freaking out, is not. (No thats not what happened to me this week, this is just an example).

What do you do when you come in contact with these individuals?

Arguing with them will not help, you cannot convince them of anything. (Think referees and drunks).

“Getting Even” will only make it worse.

My best advice when meeting these types of people is to say to yourself over and over:

“The seeds of destruction are sown within them, you dont need to do anything, they will bring it to themselves, unfortunately.”

How do you handle people with less than perfect people skills?