Have you ever noticed in emails and in text messages that sometimes you are unsure of the tone being used by the person who is trying to communicate with you? I am completely worried about my contacts doing the same, which is why when you get an email, letter or text message from me, it usually has a 🙂 in it somewhere. I have also noticed that very subtle changes in pronouns, and adding additional helper text can make a huge difference. Leave as little as possible to interpretation when dealing with these means of communication.

Here are some examples:

1. A wife texts her husband:

When will you be home?


I cant wait to see you! When will you be home? 🙂

A businessman emails a client:

There is a problem. Contact me as soon as possible.


Something has come up, nothing we cant fix though. 😉 call me at your earliest convenience.

Parent to child:

I need to talk to you.


We need to talk sweetie. 🙂

See what I mean?