So check it out….I have very limited room in my bag for gear and equipment, but never really liked having a second bag for all the extras. The gear I take with me depends on what I am doing.

For example, if I am shooting a video, I may need a video light, microphones, and a 24-70 2.8 lens.
If I am doing a portrait shoot, I may want all of my wide primes.
If I am doing sports, I will want a long lens and 2x extender.
If I am doing a night shoot, I may want 3-4 speedlites, a cable and tons of extra batteries.

I havent really found a systematic way of organizing all of my extra lenses, batteries, speedlites, gear etc until now. I am using a clear shoe organizer in my closet. My camera bag sits right next to it with my camera bodies, and I just pick the gear I need and throw it into my camera bag. Everything has a place here. When I am done, everything goes back to the exact place it started. The best part about it is that I was able to utilize dead space behind the door and not need another shelf or container to make it happen.
I still need to label what goes where, but for now every thing has a place.

I bought the organizer on Ebay for $12!