Had a fun shoot this afternoon at the Summit Club in Birmingham for Alabama Weddings Magazine. I love these shoots! Michelle Tubbs, the publisher is one of the most interesting business women I have ever met- she has an unusual combination of talent. Photographer, business woman, art director, editor, marketing/advertising guru, etc. Great people skills- its interesting to watch her use all of her talents so effectively to run the magazine she started.
Here is a picture I took of her last week at another food shoot:Food shoots are fun because you have to figure out how to each dish stand out on its own, and have enough form and depth that you just want to reach into the picture, grab it and eat it. There are a few things I dont like about food shoots….I find myself getting hungry and the caterers always offer me the food (to eat) which I simply cannot do when I am taking photos, even though I want to.

Today after the shoot, the Summit Club offered me a gamut of deserts, 6 to be exact. The arrangement I have with Michelle is that I cannot show the photographs to anyone until the magazine comes out in Jan. Somehow I dont think she will mind me showing the results of another talent I have….eating. Although I dont eat like I used to, an argument could be made that my eating abilities border Superhero levels.

Its fun to have a job like this….take pictures of food and then get to eat it. Yum! I would have eaten the rest of that chocolate thing in the far left, the chef warned….”thats really rich, its basically butter, cream and chocolate, no flour”. The rest was yummy. Also grabbed a shot of the view. Thats highway i59/20 on the top…if you look carefully you can see the reflection of my arms and camera strap. 😉