Caught the late night showing of the Simpsons Movie at Midnight. From the looks of the previews we are in for a LONG and very LAME fall. (With the exception of a few movies…the best kept secret: I Am Legend with Will Smith- That movie should rock). It seems that Hollywood is desperate for new material- its either comic books, remakes, or movies that may be slightly profitable, yet not good movies.

I grew up on the Simpsons, and although I havent watched it regularly in at least 10 years- my friend Doug summed it up best. “It was basically two Simpsons episodes put together”. It felt like it too. At just over an hour, I was very very ready to leave.

There were some truly funny moments, the biggest (or smallest) of the whole movie was a particular scene with Bart on his skateboard when Homer dared him to ride naked. You will not be ready for what you will see- we were all shocked and laughing our heads off.

Im going to have to give this one a thumbs down, especially after the fact Homer boldly points out what is going on in the very beginning of the movie, I thought it was funny at first, then I realized he wasnt kidding. If you are on the fence on this one…wait for the rental or avoid it all together.