I hope this doesn’t sound conceited, because I am actually wanting to share a great secret with you in hopes you will find success in it as well. I was recently asked how it was that I “lived so fearlessly?”. I took it as a compliment, but I also told my friend what I thought he was really asking.

To live fearlessly, you must find whatever you fear the most, face it and conquer it.

I can also say that fear has its own reward built into it.

– If you win, you gain confidence equal to or greater than that fear itself. It changes your thought processes about what is possible and what you can do. The greater the fear, the greater the reward.

– If the fear wins, it will grow stronger and control your behavior.

I think the first time I made a conscious experiment with this was when I went sky diving for the first time. I was absolutely terrified of it. It came to the point that I was so scared of it, that it really bothered me and I would rather die than to live in such fear. I even recorded a farewell video before I did it. Drove 2 hours to the dive site, alone, made the jump and felt tremendous confidence as soon as I landed.

Since then I have found other new fears, little things that pop up and say to me “you can’t do that”, when it is really just myself being afraid of something.

Its strange that once I face that fear, I no longer even think about it anymore.

Now Im not saying go out and do something stupid and get yourself hurt or killed. Always use wise judgement, but if it is something in your mind, find a way to free yourself, face that fear intentionally, even if it means failing until you do, gain that confidence and use it as power for future conquests.