I spend a lot of time preparing for shoots and trying to get better. The way I do it is to follow a few simple rules:

1. Find the very best in the business. Watch what they do and determine how they do it. (I look at other photographer’s web sites, and fashion magazines, like Vogue, Etc-..a great resource for fashion and posing ideas.
2. If you see something good, discover why it is good and adopt the principle. Splice the idea into your own style and taste.
3. Do not look at work that is worse than yours.

The last rule is of particular importance. I get a lot of links and suggested websites and I can usually tell within 5-10 seconds if they are better than me or not. If they are, I book mark their website and will study it until I think I have it figured out. If they are not, I stop looking at it immediately. Looking at work that is worse than yours can effect your artistic eye.

The strangest thing for me is to have a favorite website Ive studied suddenly cross the threshold and I stop visiting.