Typically I workout 2-3 times a week. Sometimes when I get busy with projects, it will only be two, but every year, sometimes twice a year, I will spend a good 6-8 weeks working out twice a day to really strip out an excess fat and tone up.

It seems to me that there is a correlation between strenuous exercise and reaching goals. I have known this in the past, but seems I may have forgotten it.

I do remember whenever I was playing football, my grades in college were always higher (and I was taking very tough pre-med classes). Now that I am on my 6-8 week “tone up” cycle, I am noticing that it is easier to get started, focus on and complete my daily tasks, and I am wondering if it is because my mind is being trained as well to “overcome”.

When I say strenuous exercise, I am talking about the good kind, an example would be the spinning class to took last week which kicked my butt. (And I will continue to take 2-3 times a week).

I guess what I am saying is this: If you find yourself needing some “drive” to chase after your goals, look into a good exercise / fitness program. Not only will you feel better physically, you will find you have more discipline in finances, better control of your emotions, and really be able to handle adversity better.

The mental toughness you acquire from a good exercise program will carry over to all aspects of your life.