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  • The Praise Experiment – Watch what happens when you sincerely compliment others – 02:08

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. It is July 22nd, 2017. We have a huge day today. It is the day the Efficiency Playbook Free Offer should be available without any technical glitches. If you have not signed up for your free copy, go to, send in your email address, and we will send you the link as soon as it’s available. It’s supposed to happen today. For the next five days, barring any conflict, technically, with the code and stuff, I don’t know. But as soon as it becomes available, I will send out those e-Kindle copies. It’s only going to be available for a couple days so download it. Even if you don’t want to read it right now, download it so you can read it later. Amazon prevents me from giving it out for longer than five days on the Kindle promotion program. I think you’ll find it really helpful. I’ve put my soul into that book and I want to give it to you for free for the next few days.

Today’s podcast comes from a conversation I had with a good friend, Dr. Drew in Arizona. We were talking about … There’s a chapter in the book where I talk about self praise, is that many of us feed off words. We get energy and we’re activated when we hear compliments. And the truth of the matter is, we believe there’s a deficiency of praise. People don’t compliment and praise each other as much as we should. We were talking about, hey just compliment ourselves and it works great. And we were trying to figure out where this comes from. There’s some psychology to this that, in another chapter that’s coming on the podcast that I’ll talk about, that why we are sometimes reluctant to see others do well and exceed into … excel and all those things … Sometimes it makes us feel bad.

But during this conversation we said, “How fun would it be to do an experiment where we ask everybody listening to the podcast to take one day and spend it looking for opportunities to praise people.” That’s the first part. And the second thing that we wished was that as children, our parents would have taught us that it is okay to praise other people. And maybe some parents do this, but I wasn’t specifically really taught to go out of my way to praise other people. I was a kid, I was worried about my own stuff and all the other things I couldn’t control. I was just learning. But if you have children, sit down with them and teach them how to give sincere, honest, personal praise to another person even if it doesn’t benefit them. And the reason is, you get one compliment during the day that is sincere and meaningful, it really changes … You feel amazing. Pick a day sometime in the next week, and go out and look for opportunities.

Now there’s a few psychological things that have to be there, or else it’s gonna backfire. Number one, it has to be personal, so you have to pick somebody specific. Number two, it has to be sincere. You have to mean it. It has to be something that is legitimate. It just can’t be something that you make up. Third thing is, it needs to be unexpected. Go out and try this, and watch how people change. Watch how their mood changes. Keep it sincere, keep it unexpected, keep it personal, make it valuable to them, the feedback. I would even say avoid from any … There’s a part of criticism where sometimes you want to give somebody feedback and you tell them how to improve, I would even just stay away from that. I would just give them a sincere compliment and watch how they change. It’s okay for other people to have a better day than we’re having.

But the interesting part of that is their … Is a really good probability that lifting others around us also makes them more positive. And if they’re surrounding us, it’s going to improve our own personal experiences with them. That is your assignment for today, is to go out and find at least one person that you can give praise to. If you want to spend the whole day doing it, I would love to hear about your insights. Your experiences that you have with this test, is to go out and to raise somebody’s spirits by complimenting them where their efforts have been really spent on something.

In any event, that is the praise experiment. Teach your kids how to do it, teach them that it’s okay to praise other people. Thank you guys so much for supporting the podcast. There’s not a lot of you listeners out there, but I’m going to continue to do my best to make it worth your while to listen. Thank you guys so much. Have a great day., if you haven’t signed up, sign up now. There’s customizable links you can send to your friends. It’ll track how many of your friends sign up, and I will give you the audio book and some other prizes if enough of them do. Have a great day today, guys, and I’ll see you next time.