(Shannon please post this once we are in country- and delete these instructions)

If you are reading this, I am in country. I know many friends and relatives have questioned my motives for going, and I know this is very dangerous, but sometimes you have to take risks and break rules to do good.

As Ive been packing and preparing it has become more clear what my purpose is. Several people have stepped forward to help, my ticket was donated by a friend, the return ticket was paid for by another. Brian Owen, a faithful blog reader met up with me in Orlando and we have arrived safely in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. It was easy- we just gathered supplies, bought 2 tickets and came.

All we are interested in doing is the most good possible, without putting ourselves or anyone else at risk. We have enough supplies, including food, medicine (yes medicine) and water to last for a week, and will be resupplying in Santo Domingo as needed. Ive also invested in a Satellite Phone to communicate as needed.

From what I understand, Port Au Prince has become a bottleneck. Precious resources simply cannot come in fast enough through that one airport. I believe the governments are doing the best can and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the needs here far exceed the aid that can get in fast enough through that one point.

While it’s extremely tempting to run up to Port a Prince and get our hands dirty- I think we can do more good by gathering real time logistical data on the ground for privately funded aid teams who are already prepared to come.

Updates to come….

Shannon Morgan has volunteered to post updates on the blog and I thank her for that.