I know thats a bold statement. Movies just aren’t what they used to be, it seems Hollywood is more concerned with turning a profit than making a great movie. I dont think they get it…if you make a fantastic movie, it will be profitable. In my honest opinion, the best movies are based on a single idea: character development within conflict.

So….instead of talking about why movies are sucky these days, I thought I would give a brief example and lesson on the theme, to show you what I am talking about.

This clip is from a lesser known movie called Vertical Limit (it is PG-13). The movie itself was ok. However, the opening was by far the most intense I have ever seen, not because of action, special effects or anything like that it is because of the decision an individual is faced with.

Do not be fooled early on by the sweet music and flying birdy. If you disagree with me about this being the most intense opening you have ever seen, Id love to know which movie out does it. (And if you are thinking Cliffhanger, JAWS, or MMI3 I would have to already disagree….not even close.)

WARNING- This clip is NOT for the faint of heart, if you do not do well with your heart beating over 300 beats per minute, do not watch it.