I recently made the switch over to a Mac- Not entirely though…I still use both my PC’s for different things. Its nice to have several computers to do several things, that way nothing gets bottlenecked, especially when one of them is rendering video, and the other burning pictures, etc. I like my Mac so far, the most frustrating thing is learning how to do certain things. I know it can do much more than I am using it for, but the first few weeks were maddening.

I decided to check out a few different books, and according to Amazon, this was the one to get. I havent had time to sit down and read it all, but every time I have had a question, Ive been able to find it quickly and it has greatly helped with my transition.

I just learned about sticky corners a few weeks ago! If any of you know any cool little features for Tiger…tell me! I want to take full advantage of this thing. Also…is it normal for it to get so hot? I am using a dual-core Mac Book Pro.