The Jungle Book will go down as a revolutionary film for it’s CGI. The computer generated animals are so good, that I found myself many times in plain awe of it. The CGI was so good that it took away from the very good story. Really exciting work well done by Jon Favreau and crew. This is a winner for the whole whole family to see in theaters, though very young children may be frightened by parts of it. I think around 10-11 year olds should be ok.

As a side note, John Debney who did the music for The Jungle Book, who in his own right is a mind-blowing talent and has worked on dozens of films including Passion of The Christ, Iron Man 2, and many others, will be doing the score for our independent film Love Everlasting which I am producing with Director Rob Diamond. I met John at his studios last year and he is incredibly humble and just an amazing all round person. We are so thankful, thankful and lucky to have him and his son Josh on board.

Go see Jungle Book in theaters as soon as you can!