Nearly everyday I peek at the sky around 4pm to see what is going on with the clouds, the sun setting around 6pm, it gives me enough time to plan to shoot if my schedule permits. Im convinced that in order to have a spectacular sunset shot, the clouds have to be cooperating in 2 ways:

1. There should be plenty of them. The round puffy, cotton candy type clouds. The more the better.
2. Despite all these clouds, the sun has to be uncovered by them and exposed.

Tonight it looked like there was going to be a ridiculously awesome sunset, clouds filled the sky, so I thought there was a chance. Ran down to the beach just before 5:45, and the sun was mostly blocked. I was bummed, but for the sake of learning, this is what an almost perfect cloudy sunset looks like: Canon 5Diii 1/200, f8, ISO 400 – Shot in RAW

Clouds essentially provide a canvas for the refracting light of the sun, if they are there…be ready. I have a feeling Im going to get a good one this week.