Here is the answer to day 60 – Its a little invention Ive been working on and it looks really ridiculous, but I believe it will make for some truly interesting action shots I have coming up (you will recognize this type of shot from Day 29). There were a few reasons I felt there was a need for this device:

1. Sometimes I cannot use or set up a tripod, but still need one. This is a quick, simple way to have a fast and mobile tripod (although its not perfectly still)

2. Most pictures are taken without the photographers hands in the image, and it lessens the feeling of being there/ interacting with the subject of the photograph. I wanted a way to get my hands into the image, as a way of showing the viewer, “this is what I see…including what my hands are doing” So I needed a way to take reasonably good pictures, from eye level, without using my hands to take the picture.

3. By including a shadow like on Day 60, you can still conceal the camera, and even suggest there was none used. Most people wont even think twice about it, they would see it and say, ok…thats a picture of some hands. A photographer who is looking, will wonder…”where is the camera?” This can really only be suggested by using a shadow and hiding the camera.

How to make your own Hat Cam:

Get a hat or headband, industry grade velcro, super fabric glue, a P&S camera, and a small plastic box it can fit in and you can cut up and pretty much destroy. Glue the Velcro to the hat. Cut a hole into the box so the lens will fit use turned on, glue velcro to box. When taking an image, hit the 10 second timer, put it into the box, slap it on your forehead, compose and hope for the best, Retake as needed.

I have a baseball hat version of it as well (with velco glued to literally every exposed side). I plan on painting the box black to make it less noticeable.

There are some fun shots coming up for this…you will know them when you see them. 🙂