Its good to be back and able to review my fav movies each week. (I watch 5-7 movies a week but don’t always write a review…maybe I should!)

I have many mixed feelings about this movie.

– As a musical, there are parts of it the feel very close to Moulin Rouge, one of my favorite musicals ever.
– For its soundtrack, its really, really good.
– For its cinematography, it was outstanding.
– As a story, there was something missing for me. The threat of danger or loss wasn’t really realized until far after I was expecting. There wasn’t a huge struggle, things seemed too easy. The lesson, wasn’t as impactful. I feel want of these issues were compounded by what felt like harsh editing (like it was too far chopped down).
– For its historical value, it was disappointing. This is not reality, this is a make-believe-cartoon very loosely based on real characters.
– All in all, I do think it is worth watching for many of the above reasons, just take everything you see with a grain of salt in that this was not who the real PT Barum was, and if you are interested in that, definitely research him a little more before taking what he accomplished from the film. (Here is a hint, he definitely exploited people and even children for financial gain.)