As a senior in high school, I received a scholarship from the Ray Kroc foundation, I think it was $300. I learned that he was responsible for the growth of McDonalds. When I heard there was a biographical film about him, I thought it might be a good film to check out because of the scholarship. I put it off and finally saw it on Netflix a couple nights ago.

WOW…what a phenomenal film! 5 stars all the way. The previews are quite deceptive, but The Founder is an absolute AMAZING film that covers soooo many fascinating aspects that I am drawn to, efficiency, entrepreneurism, partnerships (and the dangers of), tradecraft, patents and contracts, how fame and success corrupts, strategy, business warfare, the list goes on and on. It should be a case study for anyone interested in starting their own business.

Highly recommended, especially if you already have a Netflix subscription!