Orlando based photographer Harry Lim wrote a piece for PetaPixel called ‘My Photos Helped Sell a Home in 8 days After It Was on the Market for 8 Months’.

I don’t know for sure, but based on some of the downright terrible photos I’ve seen for home listings, I’m assuming some (even most) realtors think spending loads of cash on a nice camera is enough to assure great images to market their listings. Obviously anybody with a knowledge of photography knows this is simply not true.

Want some proof? Check out Harry Lim’s before and after’s of a listing that sat on the market for 8 months. Once his images were posted it sold in 8 days. It’s very clear why. Check out the images below.
BEFOREAFTERBEFOREAFTERBEFOREAFTERThe difference expert knowledge of lighting, perspective, lens choice — the list goes on — is evident.

Check out Harry’s blog here.