Unfortunately this movie will be forever tainted with the horrific tragedy that happened last night in Colorado. It was absolutely senseless and whenever things like this happen I can’t help but to stop and think about life in general, what direction I am going with mine (is it meaningful and worthwhile?) All the little things don’t matter as much, and to be honest I feel a silly talking about the movie itself in this review. Kind of puts everything in perspective, and I am sure we will learn more with time, but really what it comes down to is: Are you living the life you would want to live if you only had a few weeks or months left? If not, how could you change that?

One thing that I really dislike is the publicity these murderers get. A name should be enough. Having their face plastered everywhere is really not necessary, and unfortunately some people thrive off this in a bad way. I fear that it gives criminals a twisted incentive for their crimes, to become “infamous”.
While I liked the movie itself, it also has some real problems that weren’t in previous Batman movies. In my opinion, The Dark Knight Rises is still a good, fun, perfect summer movie, but it is also the weakest of the three, with the 2nd, which showcased Heath Ledger’s Joker, being the best.

Here are the problems with it:

– Way too long. Its about 3 hours if you include the previews.
– The first half of the movie can be chopped out and the second half would still be pretty decent by itself. In fact it might be a better movie.
– Batman shows up only once in the first 70 or so minutes.
– The dialogue is excruciatingly weak, there are only 2 witty lines in the whole movie. I constantly found myself cringing at the weak dialogue.
– Bane’s voice is incoherent about half of the time. Tom Hardy, an outstanding actor, over did it here, and it actually sounds like they tried to fix it by increasing the gain (or volume) of Bane’s voice only. The effect is that it is Bane noticeably louder than everyone else and still incoherent. This should have been re-done. Batman Rises will not get any sound awards.
– There are many little side stories that are never really developed or explained.

The ending sequence is solid.

I would recommend seeing it in theaters if you can.