Ok, so we have about four semi-intriguing looking movies that came out today. I went after the one that seems to be getting the best reviews, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

This is a movie about Contrast, Life and of course Death.

I though Brad Pitt did a great job, the cinematography was really outstanding and the premise was interesting. There are too many similarities between this and Forest Gump to ignore. Both movies had two physically “handicapped” individuals from the south who go on to live extraordinary lives and are constantly back and forth with the same girl they meet in their childhood, they both even write to them from their adventures, etc. Forest Gump was better, much better.

Overall it was a decent and interesting movie. I found many symbols throughout, and it was weird to watch Brad Pitt get younger as the movie progressed.

My only real gripe about it was that it was too long, 3 hours….I dont know what the deal is with three hour movies, but if its going to be that long, it better be utterly captivating and awesome in every way. I would recommend this movie as a rental, watch one half one night and the other the next.