Ive been working on my Canon 40 D video for about two weeks now and last night I had just about finished half of it. When I was listening to the playback, I could hear a very small noise defect…barely. I later traced it to a slight vibration between one of the recorders I used for the audio and the table. It essentially messed up everything and I had a choice to make. Try to clean up the audio, or re-shoot from scratch. I chose the latter. 🙁

An interesting thing happened. I was able to reshoot almost the entire 6 hours of footage in two hours, with very few mistakes. These two hours were edited down to about 50 minutes today. So…in the space of 24 hours, I was able to redo what it had previously taken me nearly two weeks.

I learned a few things from this.

1. I am a little anxious about making how to videos for retail sale, but it is getting easier and I am feeling more confident about it. Sometimes going through these mistakes is necessary for confidence and knowledge.

2. I wouldnt have realized how much I had learned unless I found this mistake.

3. I always feel better doing a job well done. I look at the new video and think “this is so much better”. Mistakes are opportunities for improvement.

The video is looking fantastic. I am really excited about it. Its interesting because I have an idea of the direction I am going with the project, but it comes to me in pieces, not only what to film, but how to accomplish it and how to make it look better.

Sometimes thats the best thing to do with a tough project where you may not be really sure how to pull it off, when you start to actually work on it, something clicks in your mind, a window is opened, and ideas come in on how to pull it off. Im not sure how much longer it will take, but I am imagining at least another week. Ive already lined up a company to mass produce, package and help with distribution. 🙂