The Counselor is a crime movie and it felt very similar to No Country For Old Men, not just because Javier Bardem is in it either. More along the themes of how innocence can be infected with greed and there will be consequences kind of thing.

The Counselor has been getting some really mixed reviews and for the most part, I understand why. I do not think it is for most movie goers, and if the small handful of adults that will want to see it, the viewer needs to be fairly intelligent to put it all together, otherwise, it isn’t going to make any sense and the viewer will leave confused, hence all the bad ratings so far. Yes, I guess this means if you see this movie and cannot put it all together, you either weren’t listening very carefully or the other thing I just eluded to.

Another problem I had with it was there were at least 5 different movie “devices” (little snippets) that were put in the movie for no other reason than to get into the viewer’s head and disturb them & strangely, the dialogue actually talks about this on more than one occasion, so it seems pretty clear to me that the screenwriter wants to affect you and not in a good way. Oddly, it also had some of the best lines Ive heard in a while…just loaded throughout. The performances were very, very good- just not a movie for everyone.

If you like disturbing crime movies, you will probably really enjoy seeing it in theaters, otherwise avoid it altogether.