Im having some fun with a new exercise I stumbled upon last month. I’ve done it several days in the last few weeks. I realize not everyone can do this, but if you are technologically wired into things I strongly recommend it:

1. Lock your phone up for most of the day, 8-10 hours minimum. Completely ignore it. If you MUST be in contact with someone, give them an alternative. (For example, have all your calls forwarded to a spouse or good friend).
2. Lock your computer and TV up for the same amount of time. No Facebook, no email.
3. Spend some of this time cleaning clutter up, be it your car, home, workspace.
4. Find a quiet, distraction free space with paper and a pen and focus on your goals and problem solving.

At the end of the experiment, write down on a piece of paper how you feel and what you noticed, preferably in a journal.

While I cannot do it everyday, it has helped me tremendously to focus on problem solving.