I had been looking forward to this movie for some time. There was something deeply disturbing about it that I couldnt quite put my finger on. I felt as if there was some type of twisted message being conveyed. It was interesting, but not in a good way. I found it disturbing, and filled with vengelust (which is a word Ive made up to explain a person or theme that is obsessed with vengeance, without chance of mercy or forgiveness).

Cameron Diaz’s character, who we learn is an extremely compassionate and beautiful person, even asks “Is there no chance of forgiveness?”. According to this story, there isn’t. The only chance of dealing with negative consequences is to make more bad choices which in turn will promise more negative consequences which perpetuates itself indefinitely.

The Box was well acted, clever and certainly stimulates thought, though does so at the expense of morality and a sense of hope / prevailing good. This feels to me what I found disturbing, it (the story) was willing to say “look at how clever I am” without redemption of the protagonists (as well as humanity). It seemed “being clever” was its main goal, and that in and of itself is not enough for a good story.

You will not have the warm fuzzies after watching this. I felt almost sick, though not quite to the degree of “7 Pounds”. I say skip it.