Karate Kid, Total Recall, Amazing Spiderman….are we seeing a pattern here?

I do not think a true movie purist would ever see these re-makes simply because it is the same story we have grown to love, told just a little bit differently. When I see remakes like this being made, I feel that the movie studios have run out of creative juices and are only interested in making a profit, not story telling, which is really why movie goers are there in the first place. They want to escape into a new, original world. If someone starts to tell you a joke you have already heard, the reflex is “oh I know this one already”. You don’t even want to waste any time listening to it. Why in the world would you pay $10 to watch a movie you already know all about?

Anytime a movie studio approaches it solely from the perspective of “lets make some money by remaking a classic”, they are almost never as good as the first. Im not so sure I will see re-makes anymore simply because I am tired of it. I feel like I am paying someone greedy to be uncreative.

When movie makers approach it from the angle of “lets tell a GREAT, original story”, then making a profit is something that will naturally come. If the story is original and fantastic, its going to fly. This is the angle movie makers should always take.

The movie itself was ok, some of the fight scenes and effects were outstanding, but I am sorry. Toby McGuire’s Spiderman is MUCH better.

Not a fan of them reverting back to the wrist-web-slingers, even if it was part of the original comic book. (James Cameron is the one who came up with the genetically induced webslingers).

Its a good rental.

PS- When I was driving home, Adam and I asked ourselves “When has a remake been better than the original?” It has happened, and we know there are more examples, but the one we both agreed on: Christopher Nolan’s Batman, and we also agreed that the Tim Burton’s Batman was very, very good. Chris Nolan’s movies work because he is meticulous and completely committed to telling a GREAT story, not so much towards just making a profit.