“Oh I’ve seen it” they will say, “Gigantic, beautiful pure white, 25 foot wing span with a rainbow striped horn and glitter falling beneath its feet as it soars across the sky.”

This is what crosses my mind when some people contact me with information or promises of the moon during a disaster aid trip. Granted, no one is actually talking about an actual unicorn, they are talking about things that are mostly imaginary, it could be getting on a plane to come over and help personally, fundraise, send something over, leading me to believe something was their intent and to be changed without notice.

Ive seen it repeatedly when someone, thinks they have an asset available and they really do not. Ive seen it when they seemingly want to have a feeling of power or control, when they really do not. Instead, its all just talk. Often a waste of time. Very frustrating when they convince you.

Truth of the matter is, when it comes down to it 99% of the time, the Flying White Unicorn doesn’t exist, it is all talk. Im not being negative, Im describing how I relate in terms of expectations. If you really believe the Unicorn exists without seeing it, you are going to be very disappointed

That said, when you see someone actually come through on that 1% chance you, it is quite spectacular to behold. Very rare, yet very worth the other 99% junk to get to it.

Im also learning I can’t and shouldn’t really talk about possible assets until they are actually completed (the tasks).

That said, Im working on some wonderful contacts and opportunities. More to come.