Maybe you’ve already completed a 365 Self Portrait Project. Maybe it’s time to push your creative boundaries even more. There’s a project that many people have done (and are still doing) called The 100 Strangers Project. The idea of approaching and photographing a stranger terrifies most people. However, the rewards are limitless.

Photographically speaking you’ll learn how to pose subjects, develop a keen eye of good light, how to choose appropriate camera settings, and you’ll learn how to make all of these decisions really FAST. Most importantly you’ll connect with people that you may not have ever met before. You might even make someone’s day — or they’ll make yours!

Matt John Robinson is a photographer from Pennsylvania who wrote up an article on Digital Photography School. He shares his first experiences with his own 100 Strangers Project. He’s halfway through his project now and it’s been a very rewarding experience for him and it can be for you too. In the article he shares some really great tips on how to start your project including all kinds of practical tips on approaching and photographing strangers. You can check out the article here.

The warmer weather is coming and this just seems like a great project to start today! The first stranger in Matt’s project. He says he was “blown away” and filled with excitement.