Have you ever made or were about to make a significant decision and right before you do, you get this really weird feeling as if you are making a mistake and arent really sure why? Where does that come from? It happens enough in life that we acknowledge it, yet for some reason, we dont listen to it enough to change our course of action.

I hired a programmer to build a website for me about a month ago. In our initial negotiation, something was off….he was slow to get back to me and his communication skills werent the best. The same thing happened with a past landlord and a mechanic I used a few months ago. Slow to return calls……its a huge warning sign. Why would you want to enter into an agreement of trust with someone who doesnt return your calls?

“Blink” is a book about first impressions (in that they are usually correct), and while I havent read it, these weird vibes we get mean something. The programmer only cared about getting paid in advance, the landlord was the worst I had ever leased from and the mechanic didnt care about a job not well done.

If you call a business as a potential customer, and they dont return your call, it is a preview of things to come if you continue to work with them. Pay attention to how they treat you, especially if you get a weird vibe….if you cannot put your finger on why you are having it, it’s a warning.