Saturday my good friend Thad decided to have a little Christmas Party get together, food, fun and even the infamous Dirty Santa game. Thad’s mom is an incredible cook, she makes these mind blowing cheese cakes. Im not even sure what these are called but dang they were good!Jared’s son Tyson expressed an interest in playing with my camera- and I am always up to let children play with my very very expensive equipment- so I let him take over for the rest of the night. It was hilarious to hear him say things like “Smi-yal” or “say cheese” and then take 40 rapid fire pics. Here is the little man’s work:This is our host Thad…he is a happy and fun loving friend- all round good guy. This is Garrett- Aka G Money… he is pretty good at making people laugh, even if its at his own expense. Blog regular Jessi Ann- Look at Tyson work the low angle shot!This last one is a Tyson Limited Self Portrait, I really like how he used a slow shutter speed for a hot burnt effect.

Good work Tyson!! You are on your way! 🙂