Ive been a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since the time they were first released in comic books (I had some of the very early ones) and had some high hopes for this one.

First let me say, the animation was really incredible and well done. I think with the new animated full length movies like the 2 Spiderverse films, are really setting up a new genre. Hats off to the animators and director on this. Just wow.

That said, I could not stay awake during the film. This is a bad sign about the storyline and plot. I know it has high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes right now, but any movie that I give a fair chance to and am asleep within 10 minutes, is not a “must see” in theaters. This process of waking up, trying to get back into it and falling back asleep happened several times.

This is one you are going to want to skip.