I made it safe and sound tonight to Tampa. Just got in and boy am I tried. It took about 10 hours. Sometimes these long drives are really good to reflect on life and just clear out all the thoughts. I had two I wanted to share:

1. Its interesting to me that most people in general (myself included) are able to determine if they are stressed out or not. What may be stressful to me (driving 10 hours to a workshop) may not be to someone else, but something that is important to that other person, may not be to me. So it seems whatever we think is important, has the ability to stress us out, but its not so much what it is….its our relationship to it. That means stressful events are completely relative and something we are making up in our own minds, which would also mean, we can mentally turn this off if we try. Dont know if that makes any sense, but there it is. 🙂

2. The framework and rules of our own minds determine how much freedom we allow ourselves to have.

An artifact of driving all over the country is in a strange way, I feel like a safety mechanism is being taken off my mind. Its getting easier to deal with the stress of all this traveling, before I would have dreaded a 3 hour drive anywhere, now I am like…”just 3 hours?” Because I have done it….its so much easier to think… “Hey Ill just jump in my car and drive to NY” or anywhere in the country. Its like we subconsciously tell ourselves over and over, “You cant do that, you cant do that” but once you do something a little crazy, you start to think “wait a second, I was telling myself that I couldnt do this, but I can..so….what else can I do?”

Cant wait for tomorrow and meeting everyone! Its going to be awesome!