I’m very excited to be attending nearly a week worth of classes courtesy of Tactical Response in Camden, Tennessee. Tactical Response offers a wealth of training and information about surviving violent encounters, particularly involving firearms. When I was in Haiti, I quickly realized there was a lot of training and knowledge I lacked, and this was one of the things I felt was missing- not so much the actual firing of a weapon, but the mindset and tactics involved to survive. There were at least a dozen situations I was in fear for my life.

I will be taking many other classes over the next few months, including advanced first aid, motorcycle, rappelling, wilderness survival, (anyone know of a search and rescue course?). I pretty much want to know how to do it all in the event another disaster strikes and I am able to go. We are also working on a few computer programs that will facilitate much of what Mathieu and I did and other similar type support systems.

You know, sometimes I get a little nervous about putting out my exact location for fear of stalker/hater types might want to come find me and try to hurt me or something, but strangely, in this case, I’m not!

Tactical Responses Website and Courses