Another AWESOME day with Tactical Response. The whole experience 4 day experience (2 – 2 Day Courses) was top notch. I really wish I could have taken more pictures, but there was just too much going on to be fumbling with a camera. I will also say, the most interesting exercises we did I as well as all members of the class agreed to not take any pictures of as well as not to discuss with anyone, but they were extremely intense and equally beneficial. What I will say is that if you own a firearm, you owe it to yourself to come to Camden, Tenn and take at minimum the “Fighting Pistol” course. If I were to tell you about some of the things we did, it would absolutely ruin the learning experience as well could put yourself in danger if you were to try to re-create it on your own (bad idea).

The most important lesson we learned today was how to treat a gunshot wound. Think about it, what percentage of gun owners would actually know what to do if they were shot by themselves accidentally or in a violent confrontation? I purchased one of their “blow out” first aid kits and will have one in my car with me from now on. (A typical “first aid” kit just isnt going to do it). It was very basic, but incredibly important information. The next course I take will be the full first aid course. If you are shooting a firearm you need to know first aid.

I met some really cool people here, Patrick and Molly were a boyfriend/girlfriend team from Texas. Molly probably showed the most improvement out of all of us, I dont think she had much shooting experience before the class started, but by the end of the day, she was as competent as everyone else and I trusted her judgment with a weapon.

We did some team shooting today (covering each other while we re-loaded or bandaged ourselves). Most of it was introduction to extremely close quarters (meaning the attacker is actually on you) type stuff. Very, VERY important training, especially when you consider the 21 foot rule. If they wanted to, they are probably going to be on you before you can get a clean shot off.

I would also say that whatever you are seeing in these images were done under the strict supervision of trained professionals. We always had someone watching what we were doing and had specific safety steps to go through before doing the exercise. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, YOU WILL INJURE YOURSELF. Come take the class! I know I will be back.

I have a few videos of some of the exercises I did, but havent been able to upload them for some reason. I will get it worked out soon.