A sincere thank you to JP and Kev for bringing this to my attention. I stand corrected and will even leave the post below to show that yes, I was wrong on this. I typically assume I am wrong on at least 50% of everything I think, do and say, I just usually catch them on photography issues before I post them on the internet for the world to see. I welcome criticism (as well as hate mail) and have no hard feelings towards you.

I’m relieved this happened because if I had a hard time with it, I think others will too. This is where I went wrong:

Ive been shooting video with the 5Dii for so long now that every time I hit the “ISO” button in video mode, the ISO menu pops up. The same is true with the 7D, there is always this visual reference of your ISO and your options. Not so with the T2i, you press ISO and it indicates your current ISO, without the menu. This is what threw me off. I kept mashing that thing waiting for the menu to pop up and it just looked back at me with “Auto ISO”.

Here are video menu screen grabs from each:

So when you are shooting in Manual with the T2i, you are going to rotate your primary selector wheel to change your ISO- There is no ISO menu as on the other cameras. This is the first time Canon has done this with manual ISO controls.

So yes, the T2i IS the awesome video package I initially thought it was! Glad we got that all sorted out. 🙂