Super 8 is a very solid summer movie and I think it is going to do extremely well. It felt like a blend of many other classic movies by Spielberg and JJ Abrams. The performances by the children were outstanding, reminiscent of both ET and Goonies, with a lot of Cloverfield mixed in. There were 3 things I didn’t like about it:

1. It lacked true originality. What I mean by this is it felt like the story was playing it too safe. Not enough original idea, not enough risk.
2. JJ Abrams signature lens flares are distracting. I know its a trademark of his, but it was way overboard.
3. Parts of the plot dragged.

It any event, it was a very good movie. Families with older children will enjoy it, just know there is a significant amount of swearing, so I dont recommend it for young children.