Unfortunately- I didnt get to see this trailer in my Ironman 2 previews, but JJ Abrams and Steven Speilberg have teamed up to make a new alien movie called “Super 8”. The premise is based around some children who are making home movies on their Super 8 Camera and find clues of something unusual in the footage. The scene we see in this trailer appears to be how said Alien escapes from the government. Someone over at Slash Film actually went through every frame of the very end and discovered a hidden message which then led a cryptic website. Im all for easter egg things like this in movies and trailers. Looks like it will be a good film, I have great respect for both film makers.

In terms of all the other previews I saw with IM2, I think Inception by Chris Nolan is going to be HUGE. I dont think Ive seen a Chris Nolan film I wasnt impressed by.