Are we tired of the Sunset Shots yet? No? Good neither am I! Found a super cute little beach about 3 minutes driving from my place. Got there just as the sun was going down and there was both a wind surfer and kitesurfer out there. I found this challenging for the following reasons:

1. Dealing with the overexposure of the sky –> Used Grad Filter to Fix
2. Dealing with fast moving subjects, windsurfers –> I had to compromise a little and go with 1/125 Shutter Speed. Looking at it now, I could have bumped my ISO up and used maybe 1/500.
3. Focusing- Did it in Live View, Manually. It was a nightmare, but I like shooting in Live View because I know exactly what I am getting.

Gear was a 7D Canon 7D , Canon 70-200 2.8 IS L , Cokin Grad Filter Kit– All of the composing and focusing was done in live view. Settings: 1/125, f 9.0, ISO 100. I straightened it in Photoshop, but this is nearly right out of the camera:I spoke with the windsurfer, Jeff, when he came in. He seemed like a super nice guy. @ Bill- This was the set up for yesterday’s 3rd picture. It was an impressive sight:It is amazing to me how much my perceived quality of life has improved since being here. I feel happier, less stressed- just in an all round better mood. I wake up early (which is weird for me) and go to bed early. I feel like exercising everyday, including Sundays.