I like to spend my Sunday afternoons relaxing, usually at a park. Lets you clear your mind….get your thoughts in order before the following week- clears out the “Competitive Inhibitors”. (Something I will write about more this next week).

I have a park bench I like to visit on the Quad of the University of Alabama. Today I just watched training videos about the new Adobe CS3 Production bundle- still very blown away by how good it is. I also brought my new lens with me and decided to try it out on the squirrels.

You would think that the life of a squirrel would be pretty simple, sleep, find food, eat, mate, sleep. Something I have noticed about the squirrels…they have very different personalities. Some are very shy. Some hide and then keep an eye on you, some just hide completely. Some try to hide, but arent very good at it. Some are not afraid at all….I had one come up to me a few weeks ago, within inches and just sit there as if it was waiting to feed me. I had one look at me today like he was challenging me for his territory.

I was surprised to learn that squirrels really are different. It made me wonder if I have made the same error of generalization simply because it wasnt important to me, or I didnt take the time to observe. I must confide…I am certain I am guilty of it. You really cant appreciate certain things if you dont take the time to watch closely or try to understand how it is important.

Seems like when we are rushed to do this or that, we lose a degree of appreciation.
I am pretty sure there is a hierarchy in squirrels based on tail size and shape. This guy was a loner.