Tonight I watched the Republican Presidential Debates, and for some reason- I find myself very intrigued with the caucuses of both parties. I need to try to stay as objective as possible on the blog, but I would like to write a few observations:

One thing I noticed is that it almost seems that most of the Republican’s believe if they win the nomination, they will win the Presidential Race. I think the Democrats want Huckabee to win…because they know they can beat him. While the Republican race is up in the air, it appears that Obama will be the force to reckoned with, and this should be in the back of their minds.

I also think the Democrats are afraid of Romney, just like everyone else and he probably has the best chance of defeating the Democratic Nominee, be it Hillary or Obama. (I cant believe I am actually talking politics on my blog! Trying to be fair and balanced though!) I didnt’ like how everyone took shots at Romney last night and while he is aggressive on topics, he doesn’t take personal shots at everyone else. I think all of the Republican candidates are good men.

One thing I would like to set the record straight about is this:Have you seen this picture? There is a rumor going around that Obama will not pledge allegiance to the flag….it turns out that its not true. (And I am a Republican!). Occasionally, he will not place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, other times he will. Check out the snopes article:

Obama and the Pledge of Allegiance

There are a number of articles on it if you google it….Lastly, I will say this:

Adherence to a idea does not make it true.

I am so sick of hearing about “flip floppers” in both races. Its just silliness, and reminds me of a school yard name calling contest. Just because a someone never changes his mind means that he is right. Take Radical Islam Jihadists…they dont flip flop much and are ready to die for their ideaologies, but that doesnt mean they are correct principles just because they stick to them.

Liars are bad. Telling people what they want to hear just because they want to hear it, is wrong. Deception is bad.

If someone is wrong about an idea, looks at the facts and can change / admit they are wrong….I think thats a good thing and it is wrong to label them as a “flip flopper” just because they changed their minds. It really depends on the situation, but changing your idea about some thing doesnt make you bad. Both parties need to get over this concept and move on with their specific platforms.

I would much rather have a President that can look at the facts and say “you know what….I was wrong about this”.