I know its been a while since we have had featured photographers and I know I need to get back on that. So important to look at high quality work that inspires you or pushes you to get better. Ill try better to have more of these types of posts.

One thing I am asked about constantly is “Michael, what can I do to stand out more in terms of photography?” It’s a great question and to ensure your place in a competitive market, you have to find a way to be different.

A tip on this photographer was sent to me by a blog reader and holy cow….check out what this guy is doing! I see this as a textbook example of standing out and differentiating with Compositing Skills (taking several images and textures and combining them into a single image/work of art). Sturdevant’s are as good as anything I have ever seen and interestingly, he grasps several styles very well. It would be extremely difficult for anyone to simply “copy” what he is doing creatively, and someone who actually had the skills to do anything similar to it probably wouldn’t because he would be doing his/her own stuff.

Go to his “Galleries” –> “Award Winning Art”. I found it fun to study many of these images and wonder how much work was put into these things. Would love to see a workshop from him if he taught one!

Sturdevant Studio