When we were out tagging, we would constantly see valuables and personal belongings scattered about. We never looked through this stuff or even wanted to mess with it. I did make one exception because I see it as an opportunity for service, and if possible I can restore it to the owner or maybe his/her relatives.

Each city hall is collecting photographs from their respective areas. While we were tagging one day, I just so happened to spot a disposable camera beneath some junk. It was damaged, only had a 3-4 exposures taken, and was in an area that was about to be bulldozed over anyway.

I felt impressed to grab it and to see if I can help an unknown soul tell their story from the rubble. So many people lost so much it is impossible to comprehend, but to me, this is a chance to perhaps tell story of just one of them, who very well may have been killed. Part of me hesitated on this decision, but ultimately I knew that the camera would have been destroyed anyway if I didn’t try.

Any salvageable prints will be send to the town hall. I will keep you posted.