Stort – An American slang term formed from the two words “stop” and “short”. The definition of “to stort” something means, to use something up in its functional entirety yet to leave a very small remaining amount so as to not render it completely empty. An individual who “storts”, usually does so in order to claim the object in question is not completely empty, and therefore is not responsible to replace, refill, or throw away the object in question.

The individual who “storts” something, may also be affectionately called a “storter”.

Storting events are most commonly found in:

– Gas tanks of shared vehicles.
– Orange Juice or Milk containers in the refrigerator
– Shared Bank Accounts
– Pizza
– Toilet Paper Rolls

Examples include:

“Who storted the car?” (Which means: “Who drove the car last and was so kind as to leave just enough gas in it that the only place it will get to before dying is the gas station?”

“Please stop storting the milk” (Which would be said to someone who likes to leave nearly completely empty containers of milk in the refrigerator.)