This is one of many important App announcements we have in the next 2-3 weeks.

Been getting a lot of great feedback on Steno and Steno LITE (The FREE version), especially the GPS Text Messaging Features. (Although there is now a way to attach images to your ipad emails as well).

We have added 3 Short-Cut Buttons as well as an Entire new Feature Called “Pick A Place”

1. Green Arrow- One Touch Short-Cut to Users Current Location to Text or Email
2. Yellow Arrow- One Touch Short-Cut to Users List of Favorite Locations to Text or Email
3. Blue Arrow- One Touch Short Cut to “Pick A Place” Feature.

Pick a Place will allow users to select any location in he world by search bar or scrolling, dropping a pin and then moving the pin around. It will allow users to either save the location to their list of favorites or do a quick send.

It is a spectacularly fast and easy way to tell a friend where to meet you without actually having to be there.

This update is posted to the App Store and should post in the next 7-10 days.

Don’t Forget, Steno LITE is FREE on iTunes App Store.