I occasionally get questions about what Ive been eating on the road for the last 3 months. Im thankful Ive been able to stay in pretty good shape. Ive had to develop some very careful eating habits because nearly every meal is take out. Typically I have a protein shake for breakfast, Zone Bars for snacks and for lunch and dinner, I eat almost exclusively at Subway, unless I am eating with friends. I also buy EAS Protein Shakes from Wal-Mart (they sell them for about $5 for 4 minis) and snack on these while I drive.

Before the trip, I would tolerate Subway, I wasn’t really a huge fan, BUT having a need for eating somewhat healthy on a consistent basis, it has definitely been my go-to restaurant. They are completely ubiquitous (everywhere- I mean, it seems there is always one within a mile of two of whereever I am) and you have a pretty good idea on what you are getting nutrition wise. I know its tempting to eat bad when traveling, but between eating right and exercising when I can (now about 3 days a week instead of 5) Ive been able to maintain all the hard work I put in this spring (losing almost 30 pounds in about 6 weeks).

As far as exercise, I always know I can do push-ups or some P90x in the hotel room if I have to, or Ill hit the hotel gym (typically for the treadmills to run for a half hour) and occasionally I scout out a local Gold’s Gym for a real workout.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I am totally strapped for time and happy to know that Im finding ways to stay healthy. If you want it bad enough, there is always time to exercise and eat right. I was really worried about this when I started and now that its starting to wrap up Im extremely relieved. 🙂