I enjoyed it- See it in theaters if you can. Not as good as the 2009 Star Trek, but still a very solid summer movie.

There is something missing from it that bothers me and I cannot quite put my finger on it. Wait…it just hit me. The problem with tension…yes…thats it- Typically movies with a large sweeping, epic, end of the world/existence build up and resolution at the end are quite satisfying.

Think of great movie tension as an elephant charging our hero, who is injured, on the edge of death, with a single bullet who is fumbling to get his rifle loaded and only at the very last second does he win the day. In some cases he may not even use the rifle or the elephant may not even be killed.

Into Darkness has many smaller pieces of tension literally scattered throughout the movie. Much like a man killing an elephant, and then eating it one very small piece at a time. Not quite as satisfying, but hey…he got the thing down right?

Ya…this what bugs me about it. Still a pretty good movie.

JJ…whats with all the lens flares? #SeriouslyOverdone.