First round of Nominees! Sports Category! Believe it or not we only had just over 300 entries, this was our smallest group. As far as this particular category went, I asked myself a few questions when judging them:

1. Is the image compelling and engaging? (Did it make me stop and look at it?- If so, it is pretty much instantly nominated).
2. Is the image technically good enough to appear in Sports Illustrated? Not just exposure and shutter speed, but was it artistic enough to appear in a high end Sports magazine? Many qualified on this basis alone.
3. Is the image unique? There were many, many images that were strikingly similar to other entires, in those cases I often went with the better of the two. The first year we had a contest, I kid you not I had 4 sunflower shots that were almost identical. I have to pick the strongest.
4. How many compositional themes were included? Shapes? Textures? Rule of Thirds?

There were many images that were great shots, but not so much compelling or technically sound. A lot of this is really subjective, many of the images I did not nominate would have qualified in other contests, so please do not take it personally.

As a side note: We thought we had a solution that could manage both Flash and HTML5 (for Apple Devices like an iPad or iPhone) but we couldnt get the software to work. We are still looking at it, but until then, we will have to use this flash based player. I sincerely apologize, but if you are using a mobile device that doesnt like Flash, you wont be able to view it from your device.

Congratulations to all who are nominated!