By now most of you have seen this, but because Im guessing some haven’t, have set up a spoiler section & my thoughts with the password “Spiderman”. I consider this a must see if you are a Marvel or Spiderman fan. The chances I will see it again in theaters is nearly 100%. SPOILERS BELOW:

Spiderman No Way Home did something no other movie has ever done: Created a logical connection between all other Spiderman films, no matter how different they were, from web shooters, to the actors playing them, No Way Home Says “They all happened” with the use of a Multiverse. It is an incredibly BOLD and fresh move by Marvel that will open the doors for a number of additional films and new content. All previous Spidermans appear and team up to fight the bad guys, who they are actually trying to save.

There were some parts that I thought could have been done better, like how the other two Spidermans were introduced, it felt more like a screen test than something that was actually written in the script. If I was writing it, I would have had their introduction during a fight scene when Tom Holland was getting beat up and losing, with 1 or the other 2 coming to save him at the last minute.

Im also under the impression other movie franchises might go Multi Verse as well. (Think DC as well as Star Wars) As many fans were not happy with some of their films and there is some rumors of possibly redoing some.

But for Spiderman no way home……just WOW. I loved it!