A lot of mixed feelings on this. It was good, not great. It felt like an after school special version of a Marvel Movie, instead of just a Marvel Movie. I’ve always thought James Cameron’s script which developed the genetic mutation web slings from wrists were better than the original comic book chemistry formula made ones, and Sam Raimi Directed Original with Toby McQuire was by far the best. How many more times can we remake a Spider-man movie? And while many will say it isn’t an “origin” movie, it really is, because this one spends a great deal of time devoted to a high tech spidey suit and what it can do instead of relying on actual Spider powers. I’ve never seen Spiderman so sloppy, slow and mistake prone and it didnt sit well with me, but Michael Keaton knocked his role out of the park.

Very solid rental, decent in theaters, but not a homerun.